Friday, April 27, 2012

Another Layout Work Day

We're getting "Teacher Work Days" this year that we've never had before because we usually have many snow days to make up. I used this one to add the backdrops that came in last week.
This is a classic scene at Kemper Street Station. If you've been there you'll know what I mean. Directly behind the bank that used to hide the N&W's L&D connector was a Craddock Terry building. It still stands and the photo of it was taken just a few weeks ago. Now sized and placed behind the bank (which is itself a series of photos of a generic bank along 29N) the view from Kemper is getting real.
Another angle, this time looking south toward Park Avenue (the tunnel's hidden by the walkway roof).
There's the tunnel and more photo backdrop curved around the backdrop.
And from a slightly different angle.
Next I'll start to add actual scenery materials (grass, bushes and trees) to blend all of this together.
Oh, why did I use a generic bank rather than photographing the real thing at Kemper Street Station? Two reasons: 1st It's hard to photograph the real thing because you can't back off a good photo distance from it. 2nd They've let the thing grow up with weeds, bushes and trees so much that it doesn't look as nice as it used to. This one from 29N seems to look right. By the way it's mounted on foam core, so it's actually set out a bit from the stuff behind it. The top of the foam core will give me a good place to stick scenery stuff to hide any places I don't like behind it.