Sunday, March 14, 2010

Railfanning Monroe in 1956

We arrive around noon at Monroe, VA's depot.
The yard is full of cars, and we get permission to take photos.
If the yardmaster knew we were up on the roof of the LCL freight house he'd probably.....not care. After all this was not a time that the railroad worried about being sued by railfans for being careless. We get a good shot of two freights chortling away near the depot. The southbound on the far track has just arrived from Charlottesville, and the nearer one is ready to head north.
From the north side of the depot another look at the northbound,
and a look south along the mainline.
Here's closeup of the lead RS3.

With an op session coming up, I thought this would be a good way to get everyone ready. The trains are where we left them last time, and our intrepid railfans have taken their pictures. Now lets move some trains!

Since the signals are finished, and I have to wait for spring to begin taking the pictures for the photo back drop, I've spent the last month or so giving Monroe Yard some rock treatment. I'm sure with spring coming some weeds are sure to start growing there too.